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Become a First Responder

Are you looking for a career that will fulfill your desire to help others and make a real impact on your community? Becoming a first responder might be the perfect choice for you. We proudly represent many dedicated men and women who serve as firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers.

Rescuing a Patient

Emergency Medicine

Paramedics are highly trained to provide life-saving aid to persons experiencing illness and trauma. As a paramedic you will stabilize patients and transport them to definitive care under adverse conditions.

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Firefighters perform rescue operations, combat fire, and stabilize hazardous incidents. As a firefighter you will work in life-threatening environments and perform dangerous tasks to save the members of your community.

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Dispatchers face challenging and complex situations with calm demeanors and empathy. As a dispatcher you will communicate critical information to ensure public safety is available to everyone.

Where should you begin?

In the St. Louis Area most Firefighters are cross-trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Many fire departments and districts provide ambulance services to their communities. We begin our careers by completing EMS schools or the fire academy. It is possible to attend either course before the other. Some services are EMS-only and do not require any firefighting operations & training of their members.

Dispatchers receive training specific to their agency once they begin their orientation. 

EMS Training
(EMT & Paramedic)

Fire Academy

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